Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tuesday November 11th 2008

While the human was sleeping last night, I explored the house trying to find other ways out. Unfortunately, it is tightly sealed. There is no way out unless the human opens the door or window. Pity.

The rest of the day was uneventful. The human got up, went through the same routine she normally does, fed us and left. She didn’t leave us any new toys, though. Looks like we’ll just nap the day away.

I managed to find a wonderful place for a nap. Our human left some clothes on the top of the dresser and they’re right in the sun! Perfect! Time for a snooze…

She’s home already?! Where did the day go? I had better go see if maybe she left the door open. No such luck. Charlie was already there at her feet rolling around. He’s giving cats a bad name! He comes when she calls him, he waits at the door for her, he even plays fetch! We’re supposed to be aloof and independent! What does he think he is? A dog?! I must remember to talk to him about this. Then again, the human seems to think its “cute” when he does this. She laughs and calls him a “mama’s boy”, then rubs his tummy.

The human just went into her room and discovered my afternoon bed. She isn’t happy about it claiming that I got cat hair all over everything. Well, yeah. I’m a cat. If she didn’t want me to sleep on a soft sweater and nice pants, she shouldn’t have left them on the dresser in the sun! It’s her own fault, really.

The meat she placed in the cooking device on the counter before she left for work has been smelling delicious all day and we’re all very hungry. Here she goes again with the “you guys will eat when I eat” thing. At least this time she’s preparing her food right away. I hope we get some of what she has. Nope, cat food again. At least this stuff tastes better than the stuff she used to get.

Wait, she’s going out again? Where is she going? She’s supposed to be on the couch sitting with us now! Well, now that she’s gone, I’m going to hop up onto the counter and see if there’s any of her dinner left…

She’s back and heading to bed already. She wasn’t gone for too long. Time to get between her and her rectangle and be “cute” for a while, I think I’ll even purr a bit, humans go crazy for purring. She’s ready to sleep already?? She only just got in bed.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a little more eventful than today. For now, though, time to sleep…

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