Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tuesday November 11th 2008

While the human was sleeping last night, I explored the house trying to find other ways out. Unfortunately, it is tightly sealed. There is no way out unless the human opens the door or window. Pity.

The rest of the day was uneventful. The human got up, went through the same routine she normally does, fed us and left. She didn’t leave us any new toys, though. Looks like we’ll just nap the day away.

I managed to find a wonderful place for a nap. Our human left some clothes on the top of the dresser and they’re right in the sun! Perfect! Time for a snooze…

She’s home already?! Where did the day go? I had better go see if maybe she left the door open. No such luck. Charlie was already there at her feet rolling around. He’s giving cats a bad name! He comes when she calls him, he waits at the door for her, he even plays fetch! We’re supposed to be aloof and independent! What does he think he is? A dog?! I must remember to talk to him about this. Then again, the human seems to think its “cute” when he does this. She laughs and calls him a “mama’s boy”, then rubs his tummy.

The human just went into her room and discovered my afternoon bed. She isn’t happy about it claiming that I got cat hair all over everything. Well, yeah. I’m a cat. If she didn’t want me to sleep on a soft sweater and nice pants, she shouldn’t have left them on the dresser in the sun! It’s her own fault, really.

The meat she placed in the cooking device on the counter before she left for work has been smelling delicious all day and we’re all very hungry. Here she goes again with the “you guys will eat when I eat” thing. At least this time she’s preparing her food right away. I hope we get some of what she has. Nope, cat food again. At least this stuff tastes better than the stuff she used to get.

Wait, she’s going out again? Where is she going? She’s supposed to be on the couch sitting with us now! Well, now that she’s gone, I’m going to hop up onto the counter and see if there’s any of her dinner left…

She’s back and heading to bed already. She wasn’t gone for too long. Time to get between her and her rectangle and be “cute” for a while, I think I’ll even purr a bit, humans go crazy for purring. She’s ready to sleep already?? She only just got in bed.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a little more eventful than today. For now, though, time to sleep…

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Monday November 10th 2008

Monday November 10th 2008:

The sun is up, it’s time for breakfast! Oh wait, our human is still asleep. How can she sleep when the sun is up? I think I’ll go get Charlie or Billy to go walk on her so she wakes up. I would do it, but I’m too small so she doesn’t seem to feel me. The boys are way bigger and get a better reaction.

It almost worked! She woke up, but then shooed us all out of the room and closed the door! How rude! We have every right to be in there with her! I’ll bet we can get this door open if we scratch it enough…

She finally got up, but went right into the small room with the water fountain and the strangely shaped chair. I thought for sure she would feed us after this, but no. She put on “clothes” and then turned on the horrible machine that blows air. For some reason, she aims it right at her face and all over her head! I wonder why she wants that loud annoying thing in her face. Humans are so odd.

Our human left at the regular time today, feeding us only as she was about to leave. Where she goes, we don’t know. She says it’s some place called “work”. No matter to us, we went back to sleep in the sun for a few hours. She also left us some great toys! The string is attached to a small square thing and when Mia stepped on it, noise came out of the balls on the ends of the string! We ran off, but when we came back it hadn’t moved. It was still making noise, so we found a way to detach the string from the square thing. Now it’s not making noise and we have this fun string to play with. Charlie and Billy are sleeping on our observation post and Mia got bored and is now up on the dining table, so I guess I’ll head into the human’s bedroom and nap on her pillow.

I woke up a few hours later when the sun moved and went to see if anyone else wanted to play. The boys didn’t, of course, but Mia was up for a game of tag. She always gets so bent out of shape when I win. Kids.

Only a few more hours until our human gets home. I see she left me another toy in the room with that terrible, loud trough that she likes to fill with water and sit in and the fun water fountain that she never leaves on. Why do humans enjoy getting all wet like that? Oh well, no concern of mine. This white, dangling flap near the oddly-shaped chair is much more fun. I wonder how much I can pull down?

Our human came home with bags of food and something that smelled like turkey. Turns out it wasn’t for us. Humans can be so selfish. For some reason, she was very upset that the string is no longer attached to the square thing, I think she called it an i-Pood. I don’t know what her problem is; it’s much more fun to play with our way. She wasn’t very happy when she went into the small room with the odd chair, either. I thought all that soft white stuff made a very comfortable bed, but she’s calling it a mess and complaining about something she calls “toilet paper”.

She still hasn’t fed us. This should be her first priority when she comes home. She keeps telling us that we’ll eat once she eats, but she’s not even preparing her own food! Oh wait, the doorbell rang, maybe that’s food?

It was food and I almost got to explore outside again! This human is very fast and seems to know all of my tricks. No matter how fast I move or what I hide behind, she keeps a close eye on me and never lets me get too close to the door. At least we get food now.

Time for my favourite part of the day! The human sits on the “couch” and watches the box that has the little people trapped in it. I’ve tried to hunt those little people, but they seem to be protected by some force. I couldn’t get my paws inside the box, but this warrants more investigation. I may as well curl up on her lap and be cute for a bit to get her guard down.

The human seems to be settling down for the night. She’s in her bed with a rectangular thing with lots of pages that has many small markings inside. I can’t make out what it is, but I’m going to put myself between her and it just in case I can use it.

That didn’t last long. She moved me onto the big comfy thing behind her head and turned out the light. I suppose it’s time for her to sleep, although why she doesn’t do this during the day like we do is beyond me… I may as well get some rest since it’ll be time to get up soon anyway.